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Thomas Bassett (-c1181), Joane Bassett (c1270-), Joane Bassett (c1271-), Edward Bathurst (c1505-), Lancelot Bathurst (c1529-1594), Lawrence Bathurst (c1480-), William Battams (c1721), Thomas Beardsmore (1811), Andrew de Beauchamp (-aft1214), Cecily de Beauchamp (c1331-1394), John de Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Hacche (c1306-1343), John de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Beauchamp of Hacche (1274-1337), John de Beauchamp (bef1249-1283), Maud de Beauchamp (c1335-c1402), Maud de Beauchamp (c1195-), Robert de Beauchamp (-bef1252), Walter de Beauchamp (-1131), William de Beauchamp (-1170), William de Beauchamp (-1197), Henry Beaumont (c1411-c1447), Isabel de Beaumont (c1102-c1172), Margaret Beaumont (1180-1236), Maud de Beaumont (-1189), Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester (1104-1168), Isabel de Beaupre (-aft1359), Ralph de Beaupre (-1329), Stephen de Beaupre (-1309), Anthony Beke (-1311), John Beke, 1st Lord Beke of Eresby (-1302), Margaret Beke (-c1293), Alice Belknap (-c1494), Alice de Belmeis (c1150-), Maud de Belvoir (c1170-), Mary Bennitt (1719), Denise de Bereford (c1123-), Elizabeth Berenger (c1489-), William Berenger (c1465-), Elizabeth Berkeley (c1428-?), Maurice De Berkeley, Lord of Berkeley (1218-1281), Elizabeth Bessiles (c1475-bef1520), William Bessiles (c1446-1515), Elizabeth Best (1796), Ralph Bevyle (c1200-), Rose Bevyle (-1291), Christian Birtles (c1265-), Henry Birtles (-aft1286), John Birtles (-aft1250), Tomsyne Blackborne (1562-1599), Hamo de Blackenhall (c1256-), Hugh de Blackenhall (c1289-)

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