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 FatherMotherBirth place
Grietje Brunt (1741-1822)Jan Cornelisz Brunt (1711-1797)Adriaantje Claasdr van Geestdorp (c1717-1758)[[Woerden|Woerden]], [[Utrecht (province)|Utrecht]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]
David Truman Buckingham (1861-1911)John Buckingham (1828-1892)Rebecca Dillon (1832-1877)[[Hillsdale, Illinois|Hillsdale]], [[Rock Island County, Illinois|Rock Island County]], [[Illinois|Illinois]], [[United States|United States]]
Herbert Henry Burnicle (1904-1982)Charles Henry Hamlin Burnicle (1873-1955)Victoria May Hall (1876-1942)[[Leichhardt, New South Wales|Leichhardt]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
William Buttsworth (1816-1876)Henry Buttsworth (1789-1853)Sarah Rose (1795-1869)[[Wilberforce, New South Wales|Wilberforce]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Lincoln Davenport Chafee (1953)John Hubbard Chafee (1922-1999)Virginia Coates[[Providence, Rhode Island|Providence]], [[Providence County, Rhode Island|Providence County]], [[Rhode Island|Rhode Island]]
Thomas Clifford, 8th Baron de Clifford (1414-1455)John Clifford, 7th Baron de Clifford (1388-1421)Elizabeth Percy (c1395-1436)
Nathaniel Coffin (1669-1749)Tristram Coffin (1633-1704)Judith Kimberly Greenleaf (1625-1705)[[Newbury, Massachusetts|Newbury]], [[Essex County, Massachusetts|Essex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Mary Ann Cowan (1812-1898)Christopher Cowan (c1780-1835)Eliza Kirkpatrick (c1789-1822)[[Pittsburgh|Pittsburgh]], [[Allegheny County, Pennsylvania|Allegheny County]], [[Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]], [[United States|United States]]
Arthur Charles Cramp (1885-1952)Albert Edmund Cramp (c1843-1903)Mary Ann Searle (1845-1928)[[Tamworth, New South Wales|Tamworth]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
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