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 FatherMotherBirth place
Albert Ebenezer Bensley (1878-1953)William Bensley (1852-1924)Elizabeth Gilby (1858-1943)[[Goulburn, New South Wales|Goulburn]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Hannah Bootman (1721-1791)Matthew Bootman (1693-1759)Hannah Cummings (1690-1758)[[Boxford, Massachusetts|Boxford]], [[Essex County, Massachusetts|Essex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]], [[USA|USA]]
Ernest James Bray (1896-1975)Edward Charles Bray (1857-1942)Lucy Muriel Howard (1872-1963)[[Crookwell, New South Wales|Crookwell]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Jabez Buckman (1818-1901)James Buckman (1770-1844)Susannah Price (1780-1848)[[Lewes|Lewes]], [[Sussex|Sussex]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
Francis Cabot (1717-1786)John Cabot (1669-1742)Anna Orne (1678-)[[Salem, Massachusetts|Salem]], [[Essex County, Massachusetts|Essex County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]], [[United States|United States]]
Caroline Cavendish (1719-1760)William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire (1698-1755)Catherine Hoskins (c1700-1777)
Arthur William Chandler (c1828-1904)Arthur Chandler (c1803-)Jane Taylor (1806-)[[Lydenham, Kent|Lydenham]], [[Kent|Kent]], [[England|England]], [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
William Arthur Channell (1880-1935)John Channell (1849-1917)Winifred Elizabeth Humphreys (1851-1897)[[Camden, New South Wales|Camden]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Terezie Chotková von Chotkov und Vojnín (1871-1871)Bohuslav Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1829-1896)Wilhelmine Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (1838-1886)
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