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 FatherMotherBirth place
Aelken Beernink (1692-1759)Sondag Beerninck (c1640-1706)Hinneken Unknown (1640-1705)[[Ratum|Ratum]], [[Winterswijk|Winterswijk]], [[Gelderland|Gelderland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]
Martha Belcher (1803-1821)John M Belcher (1776-1843)Jane Lockhart (1782-1822)[[Caldwell County, Kentucky|Caldwell County]], [[Kentucky|Kentucky]], [[United States|United States]]
James Washington Bird (1820-1895)Joseph Bird (1798-1853)Charity Smith (1797-1877)[[Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]], [[USA|USA]]
John Boggs (1822-1870)Harvey Boggs (1801-1857)Phebe Angeline Liggett (1802-1888)[[Kentucky|Kentucky]], [[USA|USA]]
Nathaniel Boon (1824-1911)Nathaniel Boon (c1792-1839)Sarah Mary Wade (1793-1887)[[Airds, New South Wales|Airds]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
Hannah Bradford (1689-1772)Samuel Bradford (1667-1714)Hannah Rogers (1668-1754)[[Plymouth, Massachusetts|Plymouth]], [[Plymouth County, Massachusetts|Plymouth County]], [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]
Arie Breed (1820-1864)Jan Breed (1792-1848)Aafje de Jong (c1794-1854)[[Zwaag|Zwaag]], [[North Holland|North Holland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]
Augustus Stanfer Brown (1876-1964)Norris Burr Brown (1849-1941)Martha Josephine Johnson (1850-1923)[[Tennessee|Tennessee]], [[United States|United States]]
Thomas Budds (1817-1874)Thomas Budds (1788-1833)Hozapha Besquante Wood (c1797-1868)[[Sydney|Sydney]], [[New South Wales|New South Wales]], [[Australia|Australia]]
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