Sophia of Lithuania was born 1371 in Trakai, Vilnius County, Lithuania to Anna of Smolensk (c1355-1418) and died 27 October 1453 in Moscow, Russia of unspecified causes. She married Vasili I Dmitriyevich of Moscow (1371-1425) .

Sophia of Lithuania
ChistyakovP SofVitovNaSvGRM.jpg
Sophia of Lithuania at the wedding of her son in 1433, by Pavel Chistyakov
Spouse Vasili I of Moscow
Anna of Moscow
Vasily II of Moscow
House Gediminids
Father Vytautas the Great
Mother Anna of Smolensk
Burial Cathedral of the Archangel, Moscow
prev. Ascension Convent (until 1929)
Sofia Vitovtovna grave inscription

Sophia of Lithuania's grave inscription.

Sophia of Lithuania (1371–1453) was a Grand Princess consort of Muscovy by marriage to Vasili I of Moscow. She was regent of Muscovy during the minority of her son from 1425 to 1434.


She was the only daughter of Vytautas the Great of Lithuania and his first wife, Anna of Smolensk. On 21 January 1391, while her father was engaged in the Lithuanian Civil War, she married Vasili I of Moscow. She was the longest serving consort of Russia.

After Vasili's death in 1425 she became regent for their ten-year-old son Vasili II. Her father supported Vasili's claim to the throne, which was disputed by his uncle, Yuri of Zvenigorod.

Sophia was buried in the Ascension Convent; the sarcophagus was moved in 1929 to the Cathedral of the Archangel, Moscow by Soviet authorities.[1]



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Offspring of Sophia of Lithuania and Vasili I Dmitriyevich of Moscow (1371-1425)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Anna Vasilyevna of Moscow (1393-1417)
Yuri Vasilyevich of Moscow (1395-1400) 18 May 1395 30 November 1400
Ivan Vasilyevich of Moscow (1396-1417) 15 January 1396 20 July 1417 Moscow, Russia
Anastasia Vasilyevna of Moscow (c1398-1470) 1398 Moscow, Russia 1470 Kiev, Ukraine Aleksandr Vladimirovich of Kiev (1390-1454)

Daniil Vasilyevich of Moscow (1400-1401)
Vasilisa Vasilyevna of Moscow (c1403-c1460)
Simeon Vasilyevich of Moscow (1405-1405)
Maria Vasilyevna of Moscow (c1408-c1470)
Vasili II Vasilyevich of Moscow (1415-1462) 10 March 1415 Moscow, Russia 27 March 1462 Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk (c1418-1485)



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Sophia of Lithuania
Born: c. 1371 Died: 1453
Russian royaltyWp globe tiny
Title last held by
Eudoxia of Moscow
Grand Princess consort of Muscovy
Title next held by
Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk
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