Sola Riley (September 1894 - April 6, 1977) was a woman who lived in Magoffin and Greenup counties, Kentucky in the eastern United States of America. She was born to John C. Riley and his wife Nancy, and was the sister of John, Clay, Levisa, Della, Mary, and James Riley, as well as, in her adulthood, the wife of Arthur Hickman, among others.


Early life

Sola was born in September 1894, in Magoffin, Kentucky, near the end of the nineteenth century, to a farmer, John, and his illiterate wife Nancy, who already had six children. During the year 1900, when Sola was five, her name appeared on a United States census.


Sola eventually married Mr. Arthur Hickman, with whom she had a daughter Bessie when she was sixteen. However, the marriage ended after it was revealed that Mr. Hickman had not lawfully divorced his previous wife, and that therefore their union was not considered official. After this time Sola married into a number of families; the Feltys, the Montgomerys, and the Leadinghams.

Later life

As she got on a bit age-wise, Sola learned that her daughter Bessie had married William Merrian Howell, with whom she had four daughters; Nancy, Doris ("Dotty"), Mary Anne, and Hilma, the latter of whom would later become ancestor to Sola's multiple great- and great-great-grandchildren.


Sola died of unknown causes around 1985, and her existance is not known by many of her descendants born after the time of her death. In fact, the only record left in the Riley family (now extinct in the male line and living on in the Howell, Pennington, and Worthington families) is a photograph of Sola and her first husband, Arthur, owned by Hilma, Sola's eldest grandaughter.

Several years after her death, Sola was posthumously given two great-great-great-grandchildren, Trenton Kaleb and Austin Drake Worthington.


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
Ω Birth
  • Notes on the source for John's birth information, as well as ancestor information:

The date of Sola's birth appears in a 1900 census, although the accuracy of such things, due to mistakes and messy handwriting, may have caused the document to be misinterpreted.

₪ Wedding
  • No records for any of Sola's four marriages has ever been found.
¶ Death
  • While John's death date and place are not known, given that Sola's one living relative who knew her at one point in time is getting on in years and fails to remember it, she occasionally places it in the 1980s, which seems to fit with other dates supplied throughout Sola's life.



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