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 FatherMotherBirth localityBirth dateDeath localityDeath dateJoined with
Haralson County, Georgia/doc001
Charlotte (Charlie) Helene Marie Piper-Smith (1975)Clive Anthony Smith (living)Ghyslaine Juliette Marguerite Rapicault (living)Roehampton1975Hamish Johan Lemmens (1977)
Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)Equarhofen, Württemberg17961877Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)
Catharina Schmidt (1770-1806)Johann Adam Schmit (1739-)Maria Barbara Welsch (1735-1798)Stone Arabia, New York10 September 1770Irving, New York27 November 1806Gideon Burdick (1762-1846)
Gottlieb Schmidt (c1865-1950)1865Mount Barker, South Australia28 August 1950Johanne Auguste Klaebsch (1847-1914)
Johanna Elisabeth Schmidt (c1827-1894)Johan Michael SchmidtJohanna JustusAmsterdam1827Haarlem9 January 1894Huibert van den Eijkhof (c1813-1857)+Johannes Molenkamp (c1828-1879)
Ursula Schmidt (1646-1693)Jungholzhausen1646Jungholzhausen7 April 1693Hans Jacob Stepper (1652-1693)
Gerrit Abrahams Smit (c1746-1818)Abram Geerts SmitMergien Wijchers BroerGiethoorn1746Giethoorn13 November 1818Marrigje Jans Plat (c1750-)
Hendrik Smit (bef1740-)Zutphen1740
Jan Abrahams Smit (c1750-1822)Abram SmitMargien Wiggers Broer1750Giethoorn25 December 1822
Merrigje Gerrits Smit (c1775-1855)Gerrit Abrahams Smit (c1746-1818)Marrigje Jans Plat (c1750-)Giethoorn1775Giethoorn1 April 1855Siemen Hendriks Bos
Merrigje Gerrits Smit (-1814)Giethoorn9999Nijeveen26 October 1814Simon Hendrikz Bosch+Jannes Thalen
Petrus Johannes Josephus Smit (1896-1972)Christianus Smit (1858-c1944)Adriana Elisabeth Doove (1858-bef1928)Utrecht14 March 1896Amsterdam4 June 1972Margaretha Johanna Francisca Nollet (1903-1978)
Rijkes Gerardus Smit (1848-1848)Age Smit (1821-1851)Paulina Brussé (1816-1848)Haarlem22 June 1848Haarlem18 August 1848
Trijntje Smit (c1755-1817)Abram SmitMargien Wiggers BroerGiethoorn1755Meppel26 May 1817Lubbert Jans Wildeboer (c1762-1829)
Abel Smith (1788-1859)Samuel Smith (1754-1834)Elizabeth Frances Turnor (1756-1825)17 July 17883 February 1859Marianne Leslie-Melville (-1823)+Frances Anne Calvert (1804-1885)
Abel Smith (c1690-1756)Thomas Smith (1631-1699)Fortune Collin (1654-1716)1690December 1756Jane Beaumont (c1689-1743)
Abel Smith (1717-1788)Abel Smith (c1690-1756)Jane Beaumont (c1689-1743)March 171712 July 1788Mary Bird (c1724-1780)
Abigail Smith (1638-1673)Richard Smith (1617-1690)Mary Weed (1618-1704)Wethersfield, Connecticut1638Huntington, New York1673John Adams (1638-1670) + John Betts
Abigail Smith (1806-1889)James Smith (1777-1858)Lydia Harding (1781-1806)Williamson, New York11 September 1806Willard, Utah23 July 1889Stephen Joseph Abbott (1804-1843) + James Brown (1801-1863) + Charles Augustus Davis (1810-1898)
Abigail Smith (1691-1733)Shubael Smith (1654-1734)Abigail Skiffe (1665-1718)Sandwich, Massachusetts5 May 1691Sandwich, Massachusetts10 February 1733Barnabas Gibbs (1684-1734)
Abigail Smith (1697-1786)Newton, Massachusetts1697Newton, Massachusetts4 February 1786Jonathan Park (1695-1763)
Abigail Smith (1744-1818)William Smith (1707-1783)Elizabeth Quincy (c1721-1775)Weymouth, Massachusetts11 November 1744Quincy, Massachusetts1818John Adams (1735-1826)
Abigail Smith (1678-1732)Jonathan Smith (1648-1718)Sarah Brewster (1650-1743)Oyster Bay (town), New York22 June 167811 December 1732Isaiah Harrison (1666-1738)
Abraham Smith (1812-1880)London7 June 1812New York City7 March 1880Kazuyo Asano (1813-1903)
Abraham Smith (1869-1939)Glasgow18 August 1869London6 April 1939Adele MacCraith (1873-1946)
Abram Smith (1848-1922)Thomas F. Smith (1812-1891)Mary Polhemus (1810-1886)Montgomery Township, New Jersey23 September 1848Montgomery Township, New Jersey11 May 1922Sarah Jane Voorhees (1846-1896)
Abram Edward Smith (1907-2004)David Smith (1874-1955)Mary Stansfield (1879-1964)Orange, New Jersey16 March 1907Orange, New Jersey17 September 2004Kathryn B. Brown (1909-2006)
Alathiea Phoebe Smith (1887-1957)Hamilton Smith (1858-1898)Clara Anne Puxty (1864-1955)23 June 1887Cootamundra14 September 1957Leslie Hector Wilkinson (1880-1972)
Aldred John Smith (1883-1938)James Smith (1843-1910)Rosetta Mary Readford (1851-1904)Pennant Hills, New South Wales22 October 1883Waverton, New South Wales31 December 1938Florence Muriel Cameron (1881-1957)
Alexander Smith (-bef1898)1898Emma Sansom (c1838-1918)
Alexander Burton Smith (1840-1924)Rich Springs, Tennessee184025 March 1924Corinda Elvira Clapp (1848-1923)
Alexander Hale Smith (1838-1909)Joseph Smith (1805-1844)Emma Hale (1804-1879)Far West, Missouri2 June 1838Nauvoo, Illinois12 August 1909Elizabeth Agnes Kendall (1843-1919)
Alfred Smith (1883-1957)Samuel Smith (1853-1935)Ellen Puxty (1857-1922)Carrowbrook, New South Wales11 April 188321 February 1957Kathleen Imeda Murray
Alfred Smith (1868-)John Horace Smith (1850-1895)Martha Hagger (1845-1929)Baldock1868Ellen Gertrude Baker (1869-)
Alfred Smith (1861-1946)James Smith (1816-1894)Susannah Bellamy (1821-1890)Pennant Hills, New South Wales9 September 1861Pennant Hills, New South Wales16 January 1946Rachel Shields (1865-1951)
Alfred Charles Smith (1859-1935)James Smith (1823-1871)Eliza Bryans (1831-1912)Immigrant Creek, New South Wales16 April 1859Grafton, New South Wales3 October 1935Mary Ellen Steep (1859-1936)
Alfred Charles Smith (1885-1969)Alfred Charles Smith (1859-1935)Mary Ellen Steep (1859-1936)Tiara, New South Wales23 May 1885Ballina, New South Wales28 July 1969Mary Florence Marsh (1895-1967)
Alfred Donald Smith (1913-1993)Ernest George Smith (1875-1942)Emily Larby (1872-1943)Walton-on-Thames22 March 1913Southend-on-Sea1993Dina Joan Mok (1916-1986)
Alfred Horace Smith (1894-1971)Alfred Smith (1868-)Ellen Gertrude Baker (1869-)St. Pancras21 December 1894Hillingdon11 October 1971Marion (bef1971-)
Alfred John Smith (c1886-1951)Peter Smith (c1835-1921)Ellen Calvert (c1845-1919)Ryde, New South Wales1886Balmain, New South Wales9 January 1951Elsie Grace Cross (1889-1969)
Alice Smith (1563-1625)Walter Smith (c1523-c1570)Nomen nescioDaventry1563 JLPreston Capes26 March 1625Thomas Bliss (1563-1649)
Alice Frederika Smith (1858-1932)Frederick Granger Williams Smith (1836-1862)Anna Marie Jones (1841-1901)Nauvoo, Illinois27 November 1858Holden, Missouri5 November 1932
Alice Phoebe Smith (1885-1974)Samuel Smith (1853-1935)Ellen Puxty (1857-1922)Carrowbrook, New South Wales17 January 188527 June 1975Herbert Stafford
Alicy Smith (1805-1895)25 November 1805Lawrenceburg, Kentucky7 November 1895Henry Sparrow (1802-1881)
Almira Smith (1804-1832)26 September 17981840Arnold Potter (1804-1872)
Almira L Smith (1847-1940)Harvey B Smith (1821-1872)Charlotte Tefft (1826-1913)Mentz, New York11 October 1847Fairplain, Michigan17 May 1940Leonard Almon Chaffee (1834-1881) + William P Lunn (1842-1933)
Alvin Smith (1828-1828)Joseph Smith (1805-1844)Emma Hale (1804-1879)Harmony, Pennsylvania15 June 1828Harmony, Pennsylvania15 June 1828
Alvin Smith (1798-1823)Joseph Smith (1771-1840)Lucy Mack (1775-1856)Tunbridge, Vermont11 February 1798Palmyra (town), New York19 November 1823
Amelia Smith (1866-1961)James Smith (1833-1928)Rebecca Wells (1841-1905)Toolijooa6 March 1866Gerringong, New South Wales5 July 1961Thomas Parrish (1860-1939)
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