The People used to follow Saints and Siddhars in Tamilnadu who mostly followed Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva was accepted as their God as He came down and shown His divine presence based on need and since they liked to show their family ancestors followed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was very much shown his presence in Tamil Nadu roaming looking for Goddess Sakthi and took birth Tamil Nadu and Lord looking for Goddess Sakthi. Lord Shiva took birth as Periyandavar and Sakthi as Angalaparameshwari and finally both met near Mahabalipuram Thirukazhikkumdram and shown their divine nature and people used to follow Lord shiva as Periyandavar and do special pooja on that they when Lod Shiva and Goddess Sakthi met each other in Thirukazhukkundrum.

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