Sever Movilă was born circa 1890 in Romania to Ioan I. Movilă (1846-1904) and Elena Melişianu (c1860-1948) and died circa 1960 Romania of unspecified causes.

After his father's death, Sever Movilă was active in managing the Movilă estate and in continuing the development of the Movila-Techirghiol resort.

Doring the summers he lived in Carmen Sylva in a villa called "Pisica de mare" He lived in ra un barbat bine facut, inalt, frumos, locuia cu sotia in timpul verii intr-o vila din spatele Cazinoului, numita "Pisica de mare" (The Stingray), located next to the Casino.

For the development and the maintenance of the resort he built his own brick factory and his own greenhouse. At the entrance into the parc, in front of the Movila Hotel, be built an stone arch flanked by two imperial lions, which was called "The Gate of the Kiss", arguably after the sculpture of Constantin Brâncuşi, though it was built before the Sculptural Ensemble in Târgu Jiu.

The Carmen Sylva resort did not have a primary school, which war operating in the villa of Nicolae Iordănescu, which was rented for this by Sever Movilă. From the resort's revenue, Sever Movilă built the school, the church and a home for elderly people.

He also built a modern clinic which included not only the offices of the doctors, but also their residence and a small hospital for inpatients. The building still exists, located near the exit from the resort towards Tuzla. It is called "Casa de piatră" (The Stone House) and is used as a summer colony for children.

Foreseeing the nationalization by the communists, Sever Movilă donated his part of the estate to the Romanian Railroad Company (CFR).

Sever Movilă died childless.


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