Sancho VI Garces the Wise of Navarre, King of Navarre, was born circa 1133 to García of Navarre (?-1150) and Marguerite of the Aigle (1104-1141) and died 27 June 1194 in Pamplona of unspecified causes. He married Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179) 1157 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from France, Germany, Belgium.


Offspring of Sancho VI of Navarre and Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sancho VII of Navarre (1157-1234) 17 April 1157 7 April 1234 Constance de Toulouse (1176-1260)

Ferdinand of Navarre (?-?)
Ramiro of Navarre (?-?)
Berengaria of Navarre (c1163-c1231) 1163 23 December 1231 Richard I of England (1157-1199)

Constance of Navarre (?-?)
Blanca of Navarre (c1175-1229) 1175 1229 Theobald III de Champagne (1179-1201)

Common ancestors of Sancho VI of Navarre (c1133-1194) and Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179)

  1. Muniadona Mayor de Castilla (995-1032)
  2. Sancho III of Navarre (?-1035)


Namesakes of Sancho VI of Navarre (c1133-1194)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Sancho III of Navarre (?-1035)Garcia II of Pamplona (?-c1002)Jimena of Cea (?-?)Muniadona Mayor de Castilla (995-1032) + Sancha de Aybar (?-?)
Sancho IV of Navarre (c1039-1076)García III of Navarre (1016-1054)Étiennette de Foix (?-1066)Placienda of Normandy (?-1088) + Jimena
Sancho of Navarre (c1033-aft1074)García III of Navarre (1016-1054)Constanza of Uncastillo and Sangüesa (?-?)
Sancho VI of Navarre (c1133-1194)PamplonaGarcía of Navarre (?-1150)Marguerite of the Aigle (1104-1141)Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179)
Sancho VII of Navarre (1157-1234)Sancho VI of Navarre (c1133-1194)Sancha of Castile (c1139-1179)Constance de Toulouse (1176-1260)

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