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Samuel Smith (1644-1719)Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United StatesWoodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, United StatesJohn Smith (1614-1710)Susannah Hinckley (1625-1675)Elizabeth Pierce (1660-1692)
Samuel Smith (1641-1697)HIngham, Suffolk County, MassachusettsEastham, Barnstable County, MassachusettsRalph Smith (1610-1685)Elizabeth Hobart (1608-1655)Mary Hopkins (1640-1700)
Samuel Smith (1754-1834)England, United KingdomEngland, United KingdomAbel Smith (1717-1788)Mary Bird (c1724-1780)Elizabeth Frances Turnor (1756-1825)
Samuel Smith (1853-1935)Webbers Creek, Paterson, New South Wales, AustraliaDangar Cottage Hospital, Camberwell, New South Wales, AustraliaJohn Green Smith (c1823-1899)Mary Ann Whitfield (1831-1898)Ellen Puxty (1857-1922)
Samuel T Smith (1714-1785)Topsfield, Essex County, MassachusettsTopsfield, Essex County, MassachusettsSamuel T Smith (1666-1748)Rebecca Curtis (1687-1753)Priscilla Gould (1707-1744) + Priscilla Gould (1714-1797)
Samuel Smith (1857-1935)Richmond, New South Wales, AustraliaLismore, New South Wales, AustraliaRobert Smith (c1807-1887)Margaret Hartley (1820-1865)Isabella Martha Clarke (1856-1925)
Samuel Blair Smith (1784-1834)John Blair Smith (1756-1799)Elizabeth Fisher Nash (1758-1843)Margaret Ferguson (1787-1861)
Samuel Boahan Smith (1776-1830)Joseph Smith (1751-1787)Mary Smith (1778-1850)
Samuel George Smith (1789-1863)Samuel Smith (1754-1834)Elizabeth Frances Turnor (1756-1825)Eugenia Chatfield (1803-1838)
Samuel Harrison Smith (1808-1844)Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont, United StatesNauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, United StatesJoseph Smith (1771-1840)Lucy Mack (1775-1856)Mary Bailey (1808-1841) + Levira Clark (1815-1883)
Samuel Harrison Bailey Smith (1838-1914)Shady Grove, Daviess County, Missouri, United StatesSalt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United StatesSamuel Harrison Smith (1808-1844)Mary Bailey (1808-1841)Mary Catherine Smith (1842-1916) + Julia Ann Restel Winter (1854-1946) + Rachel Emily Amelia Tuttle (1858-1935) + Clara Minerva Tuttle (1865-1956)
Samuel T Smith (1666-1748)Boxford, Essex County, MassachusettsTopsfield, Essex County, MassachusettsRobert Smith (1626-1693)Mary French (1634-1684)Phebe Howe (1668-1708) + Rebecca Curtis (1687-1753)
Samuel Wyatt Smith (1887-1918)Washington ParishWashington ParishWalter Lorane SmithJulia Emma Warren (1858-1932)Elizabeth "Lizzie" Schilling
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