Family & Marriage[]

4th Marriage: Prudence Marks[]

After the death of Sarah Simonds in 1824 Rutland Co, VT, Samuel married Prudence Marks (1795-1852). This family in the early 1830s converted to the new Mormon religion and in 1834 named their new son for a famous early mormon missionary, Orson Whitley Pratt (1811-1881). Prudence had a brother, William Marks (1792-1872), who was later the first president of the LDS Nauvoo Stake. Although, Pres Marks later joined the RLDS Church in Missouri, Prudence took her children and followed the main body of Saints out west to Utah where she died.

  1. Samuel Miles (1826-1910) - veteran of the Mormon Battalion
  2. William Marks Miles (1828-1897)
  3. Sarah Simonds Miles (1831-1904)
  4. Orson Pratt Miles (1834-1896)
  5. Gustav Miles (1835-)


Offspring of Samuel Miles I and Prudence Marks (1795-1852)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Samuel Miles (1826-1910) 8 April 1826 Attica, Wyoming County, New York 22 May 1910 St. George, Washington County, Utah Hannah Miranda Colborn (1830-1911)
William Marks Miles (1828-1897)
Sarah Simonds Miles (1831-1904)
Orson Pratt Miles (1834-1896)
Gustav Miles (1835-)