Samuel Messerli
Sex: Male
Baptism: 07 May 1797 Rueggisberg, Bern, Switzerland [1]
Death: 07 MAR 1830
Father: Samuel Messerli (bef1763) [2]
Mother: Anna Barbara Shaer (bef1776)[3]
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Samuel Messerli Swiss name Samuel Messerli, brother of Niklaus Messerli aka Nicholas Messerly (1793)

  • One theory is that Samuel followed his brother to america, and is the same person as Samuel Messerly (c1794). The death date for Samuel Messerli (bef1797) at familysearch poses a major problem for this theory. An examination of the microfilm document might reveal more, or the recording could be and assumed death due to his disappearance after emigration. So it is an unlikely though not impossible theory that this individual made it to America.

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