Samuel Eddy was born 15 May 1608 in Cranbrook, Kent, England, United Kingdom to William Eddye (1562-1616) and Mary Foster (1568-1611) and died 12 November 1687 Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Savory (1607-1689) 1635 in Massachusetts.


  • English Immigrant to America

One of the purchasers of Swansea, Massachusetts. He set aside this spot, which is to lye and remain as a burying place for the families of said Eddys and for such of their neighbors as the said Eddys shall admit forever.

Samuel Eddy born in 1608, son of Rev. William Eddy, Viscar of St. Dunstan's Church, in Cranbook Co., Kent, England, and came on the "Handmaid" in 1630 to Plymouth, where he resided for fifty years. He died in Swansea, Nov. 12, 1687. Elizabeth died here on May 24, 1689, in her 82nd Year."

1630 Migration


He was a passenger on the English ship Hand Maiden, which sailed from London on August 1630 with about 60 passengers onboard and 12 cows and arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts Harbor. Some of the passengers were escorted north to Boston by Captain Myles Standish to join Winthrop's new Massachusetts Bay Colony there. After twelve weeks at sea, the Handmaid docked at Plymouth on 29 Oct. 1630 with about 60 passengers. They were believed to be the last group of PIlgriims from Leiden.

On August 10, 1630 O.S.. John Eddy, his wife Amie, and daughters Mary and Sarah, set sail for America on the ship "Handmaid" from the Port of London England, along with John's younger brother Samuel (age 22), about sixty other passengers, and twenty-eight cows. After twelve rough weeks at sea, the Handmaid landed at Plymouth settlement, in the Colony of "New Plymouth" (now Massachusetts) on October 29, 1630 O.S. (see map).

On November 11, 1630 O.S., escorted by New Plymouth Colony's Military Advisor Capt. Myles Standish, John and Samuel traveled North to the town of Boston in order to establish residency in the Massachusetts Bay Colony**. Neither had the proper "dismissal papers" releasing them from the New Plymouth Colony, and after being refused entry, returned to Plymouth. Previous to February 26, 1631/32 O.S.. John obtained the proper papers and along with his family, resettled in the Bay Colony at Watertown (see map) just West of Boston.*** Genealogically speaking, John Eddy became "John Eddy of Watertown". Samuel remained in Plymouth until age 73 when he and wife Elizabeth moved West to Swansea in 1681 (see map).

They would be joined in Watertown in 1632 by their sister Abigail Eddy (c1601-1687) and her husband John Benjamin (1585-1645). Both his brother John Eddy (1597-1684) and brother in law are listed on Watertown Founders Monument.

Marriage and Family


Offspring of Samuel Eddy and Elizabeth Savory (1607-1689)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Samuel Eddy (1636-1736)
John Eddy (1637-1715)
Zachariah Eddy (1639-1718)
Ebenezer Eddy (1640-)
Caleb Eddy (1643-1713)
Obadiah Eddy (1645-1727)
Hannah Eddy (1647-)


Vital Records

Swansea Eddy Memorial

In 1946 this monument was dedicated at the Eddy Cemetery in Swansea, Mass. next to the Dye Works to Samuel Eddy and his wife Elizabeth.


Watertown John Eddy Memorial

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