Full name[edit | edit source]

Samuel Charles Chappuzeau

Name variations[edit | edit source]

Samuel Charles Chappuzeau

Chapuzeau, Chapiseau, Chapuseau and many others

Vital Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Sex : Male

Pedigree[edit | edit source]

Samuel was the son of Charles Chappuzeau (c1570-c1644), who was a lawyer and member of the "Noblesse de Robe", and Anne Poullet (c1590-1641).

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Samuel was the youngest of six or seven children. The others were

Spouse(s)[edit | edit source]

Offspring[edit | edit source]

Samuel probably had 12 children

Maria de la Serra or della Serraz (5 children)[edit | edit source]

Her first child, a son, is known to have been born before 1656, because he was left in Lyon with friends when Samuel & Maria moved to Amsterdam, but he is not named in the letters about him. He rejoined his parents in 1658.

  • Laurent CHAPPUZEAU (c1654-1725) Source: Clockmaker records in Switzerland and Germany, and UK marriage records (Boyd's index). Laurent was watchmaker to the Elector of Hanover (Later George I of England).

Marie Trichot (7 children)[edit | edit source]

Other relatives[edit | edit source]

The families Chappuzeau de Beaugé and their descendants Chappuzeau de Viefvillers, were descended from Samuel's uncle Jehan.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Publications[edit | edit source]

His best-known work is Le Théâtre François, still the main description of 17th century French Drama. He also published a number of plays, a novel, a dictionary and several travel and geographical books. He wrote Tavernier's travel guides from his dictation. It is known that Molière took and reworked some of Samuel's plays to form the basis of his own work.

Career[edit | edit source]

Author, Playwright and Teacher. Tutor to Prince William III of Orange 1659 to 1661.

Spiritual Life[edit | edit source]

Calvinist, preacher.

Descendants[edit | edit source]

Many descendants are known in Germany and Chile, where the Chappuzeau name still occurs, and also in UK, France, Netherlands, Canada, US and Australia.

These are all descended either from Christoph (Germany and Chile) or from Eve.

It almost certain that Jacob Chappuzeau, (aka Iakov Shapizo), a Captain in the Russian Fleet, was also a descendant, but this is not yet proven. Probably son of Laurent.

There seems to be no-one in France still carrying the Chappuzeau name, at least in that spelling.

A full list of known descendants can be found on one of the links below.

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Pavane, a descendant in UK


In our days some of part of the family CHAPPUZEAU lives in CHILE (South America).

I´m Javier CHAPPUZEAU a Chilean Navy Officer.

If you want to know more about us, just send me a e-mail to:javierchappuzeau@hotmail.com

Sources[edit | edit source]

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