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Maxwell History and Genealogy (pages 281-282) Author: Florence Wilson Houston et alia - Call Number: R929.2 M46 Indianapolis, IN, 1916, 741 pp.


These notes on Cowan are, perforce, very fragmentary, but they are given with the hope to interest more of the family, and stimulate more interest in looking up records, etc., so that later on we may be able to secure a full genealogy of all the Cowans in this country.

We know that the Cowans came from Newry, County Down, Ireland, and first settled in this country in Lancaster and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania, and some of them afterwards went to Augusta County, Virginia, and later still to Rockbridge County, Virginia. They came over with the Walkers and Houstons about 1726. We have not been able to learn the names of the [Cowen] emigrants; but there were seven Cowan brothers, viz: Samuel, James, John, Andrew, William, Matthew and David. According to Mrs. White's "Walkers of Wigton." There were three Cowan brothers, married three Walker sisters, but which were the ancestors of the Cowan lines given below, has not yet been definitely determined.

In Mrs. White's "Walkers of Wigton," we have the record of the Walkers as taken from the old Walker Family Bible, as follows: John Rutherford married Isabella Allein, in Scotland.

John Walker (emigrant) married Katherine Rutherford, January 1, 1702. Left Newry, Ireland, in 1726....

from "Monroe County Historian" Aug.-Sept. 2004, p. 4

Maxwell History and Genealogy, revised version, donated by Howard Maxwell of Indianapolis, who transcribed the original and put it into computer form. It includes additional material from family members who have worked to revise and expand the original history

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