from Rutherford, 1986:88

527 (524) Rev. John Rutherford (son of James*), b. in Scotland; d. age 84, Down County, Ireland

Isabella Alliene, dau. of Rev. Joseph Alleine; d. aged 82; m. Rev John Rutherford

531 Katherine Rutherford, d. 1738
532 James Rutherford d. 1768
533 John Rutherford
534 Samuel Rutherford
535 Allen Rutherford
536 Thomas Rutherford
537 Esther Rutherford
538 Elizabeth Rutherford, d. 15 Oct. 1777

Rev. John Rutherford and a brother were captains in the army of William III. They participated in the crushing defeat of the Irish in the battle of the Boyne and were awarded service lands in Ireland for their service.

Rev. John Rutherford settled in Down County, Ireland, and continued his ministry which he had begun in Scotland. He married a grandaughter of the Rev. Joseph Alleine, author of The Alarm of (sic) the Unconverted. [214]

214. The Gathering of the Clans, 1957, p. 7 [see Davey, 1957:7. This appears to be an erroneous reference.]

*This is assumed to be James Rutherford (c1605-c1668) aka "residenter of Utrecht", following a commonly accepted lineage for this family. Katherine's grandfather could be a different James Rutherford altogether.

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