Foote, 1850:506

A certain James Moore emigrated to America with his brother Joseph about the year 1726, and took their residence in Pennsylvania. In a bout two years Joseph died while in a course of preparation for hte gospel ministry. James, sometime after his arrival in America, married Jane Walker, also an emigrant from Ireland. Her father John Walker, of Wigton, Scotland, emigated first to Ireland, became head of a family of seven children, of which Jane was the fourth, and then a few years after Mr. Moore, emigrated to Pennsylvania. His fatherinlaw, John Walker, having removed with the rest of the family, to Rockbridge County, Virginia, and settled on a creek which bears the family name, Mr. Moore removed his wife and four children and took his residence with them, and made a part of what was pleasantly called by the neighbours, "The Creek Nation". Here six more children were added to his family, which consisted of five sons, and as many daughterers. The sixth son, named after himself, was the father of Mary Moore, the wife of Rev. Samuel Brown."
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