The following is a selection of materials collected from early sources that deal at least in part with the Rutherford and Alleine connections of the Wigton Walker family. Links are provided to extracts of these materials, as well as to a citation for the reference source. Where possible, the citations include links to online electronic versions of the document. Note that some materials are known only from other documents such as White 1902.

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Rutherford Source Materials Relating to the Wigton Walkers
Rutherford Family BibleWhite 1902:278
MS. left by Rev. William McPheetersMcPheeters, 1842
The Joel Walker Record White, 1902:1
Extract from Howe, 1845Howe, 1845
Extract from Foote, 1850:506Foote, 1850
Extract from Brown, 1854Brown, 1854
Extract from Foote, 1855Foote, 1855
Extract from Sprague, 1858Sprague, 1858:78
Extract from John S. Grasty, 1871Grasty, 1871
1854 MS of Samuel Rutherford HoustonWhite, 1902:150
Extract From Samuel Rutherford Houston, 1882Houston, 1882
Historic families of KentuckyGreen, 1889:51
"Eulogy by a "Former Pastor"White, 1902:169-171
Margaret Walker CorrespondanceWhite, 1902:282-283
White's Comments on the RutherfordsWhite, 1902,White, 1903
Maxwell HistoryHouston, 1916
Extract from Woodworth, 1942Woodworth, 1942
Rev. Samuel Rutherford (1659-?) Davey, 1955
WKR, 1986:88Rutherford, 1986
KRD, 1987:88Davis, Kenneth Rutherford, 1987
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