This is an analysis of sources for the lineage of Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738).

Index to references for specific Data Elements of the lineage

Data ElementWhite 1902:1 Davey 1957:7McPheeters 1942:22WKR:88KRD 1987:88
Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738) was the daughter of John Rutherford (?-?) (1) (2) ND NS NS
John Rutherford (?-?)-m. Isabella Alleine (?-?) (1) -- ND NS NS
John Rutherford (?-?)-m. Unknown -- (2) -- -- --
John Rutherford (?-?) was the son of James Rutherford (c1605-c1668) ND ND ND NS NS
Isabella Alleine (?-?) was the dau. of Rev. Joseph Alleine (?-?) (1) -- ND (3) NS NS
Isabella Alleine (?-?) was the gdau. of Rev. Joseph Alleine (?-?) (1) -- ND Davey 1957:7 (3) ND
the wife of John Rutherford (?-?) "was of the family of the Rev. Joseph Alleine" -- (2) -- -- --
James Rutherford (c1605-c1668) was the brother of Rev. Samuel Rutherford aka "The Divine". (1) -- Davey 1957 ?
James Rutherford (c1605-c1668) was the cousin or nephew, or nearly related to Rev. Samuel Rutherford aka "The Divine". -- (2) -- -- --

ND: No data. Relationship/data is not provided in this source
NS: This source does not iteself indicate a source for this information
--: Cites different relationship/data. Differences may be slight, or they may be material.

(1) See White's Comments on the Rutherfords for a discussion of White's sources on these family relations, including the data provided by McPheeters.

(2) McPheeters 1842 states that the material on his grandmothers family, Jane Walker, was obtained "chiefly" from Joseph Walker, Jane's brother. Joseph and Jane were children of Katherine Rutherford. The implication is that his information on the Rutherford family came from Joseph Walker, but that is not clear. There is a notable confusion in part of his lineage that makes it uncertain how reliable this information may be. See MS. left by Rev. William McPheeters

(3) WKR includes a statement indicating that Isabella Alleine was the daughter of Rev. Joseph Alleine, and a separate statement that she was his granddaughter. White 1902 describes her as Alleine's daughter, while McPheeters only says that she was "of the family of" Rev. Joseph Alleine.

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