Ruth Lavina Sadurna Pierce (1818-1907)

Early Mormon Pioneer

Vital Stats Edit

Biography Edit

Married Heber C Kimball, LDS Missionary, Pioneer and Apostle, on 3 February 1846. They did not have children. They were separated in 1853.

Children of Ruth Pierce and Samuel Crozier Edit

  1. Joseph C. Crozier (1839-1839) - died young
  2. Willard Lockward Crosier (1841-1864) - died probably in Civil War Battle near Richmond, Virginia on 16 May 1864.
  3. Nancy Camelia Cozier (1843-1894)
  4. Patience Cornelia Cozier (1844-1900)
  5. Sarah E. Crozier (1846-1902)
  6. John Pierce Crosier (1849-1918)

Children of Ruth Pierce and John Herrington Edit

  1. Isabelle Harrington (1868-)

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