Ruth Helen Stickler was born 11 March 1902 in United States to Issac Mealing Stickler (1848-1910) and Martha Ann Hill (1857-1941) and died 13 October 1979 United States of unspecified causes.

Ruth Helen born 1902 was the thirteenth child of Isaac Mealing Stickler and Martha Ann Hill. She grew up in Lansford and at age six suffered a severe accident in which she was struck by the fender of a trolley car.

The following news item appeared in the 20 June 1908 issue of the Lansford Leader: -

Little daughter of I. M. Stickler was struck by the fender of a trolley car on Tuesday and badly injured. The little ones were playing at the time and when she was struck was thrown in the air and fell on her face. It required several stitches to close one of the cuts.

The extent of her injuries was not known other than she was 'badly injured'. However she was handicapped and needed to be cared for by her sister, Carrie May, until she died.

When Ruth was only eight years old, her father died and she was subsequently declared an orphan and placed under the care of Fred Kline of Lansford, PA. along with her brother Russell Lord Stickler. Fred Kline petitioned the court on 26 May 1917 to secure for Ruth her rightful share of her father’s estate. Ruth died on 13 October 1979 at the age of seventy seven and was buried at Summit Hill, PA

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