Rostislav Volodarevich of Peremyshl (Ростислав Володаревич, князь перемышльский), Prince of Zvenigorod (Halych), Prince of Peremyshl, was born circa 1090 to Volodar Rostislavich of Peremyshl (1065-1124) and died 1128 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Rostislav Volodarevich (c.1090-1128 ), eldest son of Volodar Rostislavich of Peremyshl was Prince of Zvenigorod (Halych) (1092-1124) and Prince of Peremyshl (1124-1128).

In 1122 he was held hostage in Krakow and his father was required to pay 8 thousand griven as ransom. In 1124, after his father's death, he inherited the Principality of Peremyshl, while his younger brother Vladimir Volodarevich took over the Principality of Zvenigorod (Halych) and the principalities of Terebovl and Halych were allotted to Vasilko Rostislavich's sons. In the same year, he defended Peremyshl against a Polish army.

In 1125 - 1126 he again had to defend Peremyshl, this time against his younger brother Vladimir. Thereafter, with the support of brothers Ivan Vasilkovich and Rostislav Vasilkovich as well as of Mstislav of Kiev he was able to gain the upper hand against Vladimir.

After Rostislav's death, the Principality of Peremyshl was taken over by Vladimir and the Principality of Zvenigorod (Halych) passed to his son Ivan Rostislavich Berladnik.


Offspring of Rostislav Volodarevich of Peremyshl (Ростислав Володаревич, князь перемышльский) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Rostislavich Berladnik (c1110-1162) 1110 1162 Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece



Footnotes (including sources)

Rostislav Volodarevich
Born: 1090 Died: 1128
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Volodar Rostislavich
Prince of Zvenigorod (Halych)
Succeeded by
Vladimir Volodarevich
Preceded by
Volodar Rostislavich
Prince of Peremyshl
Succeeded by
Vladimir Volodarevich
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