Lady Rosemary Mildred Spencer-Churchill was born 24 July 1929 in Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom to John Albert Edward William Spencer-Churchill, 10th Duke of Marlborough (1897-1972) and Alexandra Mary Hilda Cadogan (1900-1961) . She married Charles Robert Muir (1922-1972) 26 June 1953 in Christ Church Cathedral (Oxford), Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Lady Rosemary Mildred Muir (née Spencer-Churchill; born 24 July 1929) is an English aristocrat who served as a maid of honour to Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953.

Early life and family[]

Lady Rosemary Mildred Spencer-Churchill was born on 24 July 1929 in London to John Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford, and Alexandra Mary Cadogan.[1][2] Her maternal grandfather was Henry Cadogan, Viscount Chelsea. Her paternal grandmother was Consuelo Vanderbilt. Her father inherited the Dukedom of Marlborough, becoming the tenth duke when Spencer-Churchill was five years old. She grew up at Blenheim Palace in West Oxfordshire. After her father's death in 1972 her brother, John, became the eleventh Duke of Marlborough.[3]

Coronation of Elizabeth II[]

Spencer-Churchill served as a maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.[4][5][6] She was the eldest and highest ranking maid of honour at Elizabeth II's coronation, as the only daughter of a duke.[7] Lady Rosemary, along with Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart, rode in a carriage with Charles Tryon, 2nd Baron Tryon, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, during the procession while the other maids of honour waited at the abbey.[8] After the coronation, Spencer-Churchill returned to Blenheim to attend an outdoor party hosted by her mother, the Duchess of Marlborough, where they roasted an ox for villagers from Woodstock.[8]

Personal life[]

Spencer-Churchill married Charles Robert Muir, a stockbroker, on 26 June 1953 at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford.[5] Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret were among the guests at the wedding.[9][10][11]

  1. Their first child, Alexander Pepys Muir, was born on 8 November 1954.
  2. Their second child, Simon Huntly Muir, was born on 3 July 1959.
  3. Their third child, Mary Arabella Muir, was born on 16 January 1962.

Their son Alexander is a god-son of Princess Margaret. Her husband died on 24 March 1972. She resides at Orange Hill House in Binfield.[8][12]

In 2015 Spencer-Churchill was featured in the BBC Two documentary film The Last Dukes.[3][13]


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