Rosemary J Dyer was born 1929 in New Forest, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom . She married Philip Ascot Tivey (1915-1991) 1971 in Richmond, Surrey, England, United Kingdom.

Rosemary lives in Verwood, Dorset and is a church leader there. She writes and publishes poetry, some of which can be found online.

Her siblings are Florence, Frank, Bertha, Gwendoline and Stephen.

Don't Join the Grumblers

Some spend their lives complaining and grumbling everday instead of counting blessings God daily sends their way.
They grumble they're too busy and grouse the whole day through or grumble life is boring with not enough to do.
They grumble when it's raining and when it is too hot and oft times heard complaining how very hard their lot.
So let's not join the grumblers but just take time and stop to thank God for his Goodness and all the joys we've got.
By: Rosemary J. Tivey

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