Roman Vladimirovich of Volhynia was born circa 1091 to Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125) and Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098) and died 6 January 1119 of unspecified causes. He married Daughter of Volodar Rostislavich (c1100-c1150) .

Roman Vladimirovich (c1091- 6 January 1119 ) is son of Vladimir Monomakh and his first wife Gytha of Wessex. He was Princes of Volhynia (1118-1119). From 11 Sep. 1114, the son-in-law of the Prince of Peremyshl Volodar Rostislavich.


In 1117 there was a conflict between the Roman's father Vladimir Monomakh and the Princes of Volhynia Yaroslav Svyatopolkovich . The following year, Vladimir Monomakh, united with the Galician Rostislavivs , expelled Yaroslav from Vladimir-Volynsky and installed Roman in his place. But at the beginning of 1119, Roman died at the beginning of 1119, and the rule of Vladimir-Volynsky was taken over by Roman's brotherAndrei Vladimirovich.



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Roman Vladimirovich of Volhynia
Born: c1091 Died: 6 January 1119
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Yaroslav Svyatopolkovich
Prince of Volhynia
Succeeded by
Andrei Vladimirovich
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