Roman Igoryevich of Ryazan was born 1187 to Igor Glebovich of Ryazan (c1154-1194) and Agrafena Rostislavna of Smolensk (c1165-1234) and died 20 July 1217 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Roman Igorevich (d. July 20, 1217) - Prince of Ryazan , the eldest son of Igor Glebovich .


In 1207 after the capture by Vsevolod Yuryevich the Big Nest maligned Gleb and Oleg Vladimirovich Roman , Svyatoslav Glebovich, Ingvar and Yuri Igorevich made an unsuccessful attempt to blow the unlocking of the Ryazan under Pronsk in which after the defection of Mikhail Vsevolodovich in Chernigov was besieged Izyaslav Vladimirovich. The information was defeated by Oleg Vladimirovich. From the subsequent message of the chronicles about the sending by the Ryazanians to Vladimir "Other" princes with princesses, in particular, Ryzhov K. V. [1] concludes that Roman Igorevich was captured. Meanwhile, Voitovich L. [2] does not mention the finding of Roman Igorevich in captivity.

From the conclusion was released in 1212 after Vsevolod Yuryevich's death by the new Grand Prince of Vladimir[, Yury Vsevolodovich At the same time, the chronicle reports the death of the eldest of the Ryazan princes, Roman Glebovich. However, according to V. N. Tatishchev, Roman Glebovich died in Vladimir captivity only in 1216, with which the “first Russian historian” connects the need for a princely congress in 1217. According to L. Voytovich and K. V. Ryzhov, Roman Igorevich was a Ryazan prince after the liberation of other Ryazan princes (except Roman Glebovich) from captivity in 1217 .

July 20, 1217 was treacherously murdered by cousins Gleb and Konstantin Vladimirovich at the princely congress in Isadah [3] .



Father : Igor Glebovich (died 1195) - the appanage prince of Ryazan. Mother : Agrafena Rostislavna (died 1237) is the daughter of Rostislav Mstislavich .


Ingvar (d. 1235 ) - the prince of Ryazan (1217–1235). Yuri (died 1237 ) - the Grand Duke of Ryazan (1235-1237). No offspring left.



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