Robert Duncan
Sex: Male
Birth: c1799 Culpeper, VA [1]
Death: 21 Mar 1853 [2]
Father: William Duncan (c1768) VA[3]
Mother: Lucy Bywaters (c1763) [4][3]
Sarah Duncan (1782) VA [5]
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth O'Kelley (1811) Elizabeth D.GA
Marriage: about 1830 [6]

Robert Duncan

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Documentation notes[edit | edit source]

  • Once you hitch up to Robert Duncan, you have a line back to 16th Century Scotland [4].
  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from Ancestry One world tree that goes through Wyatt Hester (1791) [5]. Information and sources for the data may be verified there by walking the tree.

Children[edit | edit source]


Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Robert Duncan (c1780) and Elizabeth O'Kelley
Tenassee K "Tennessee" (f) ca 1831 Franklin Co, TN
Winnie J ca 1833 Franklin Co, TN
Maria E. ca 1837 Franklin Co, TN
William ca 1842 Franklin Co, TN
George Duncan (1845) 18 May 1845 Franklin Co, TN 23 Mar 1931
Benjamin Duncan (1848)
Benjamin K.
June 1848 [7] Franklin Co, TN
James ca 1852 Franklin Co, TN

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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  3. ^ 1850 Census has William & Sarah as direct neighbor
  4. ^ Lucy's ANC record says she is mother of Robert
  5. ^ 1850 census gives sarah as wife of william
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