This page collects information about people with surname Richey who were known or believed to have lived in early South Carolina.

Family Ancestry[]

The Richey Family name most likely descends from the RITCHIE clan of Scotland originating in the Inverness region and closely associated with the MacAndrews family. Most of these families migrated first from Scotland to Ireland and then because of severe financial hardships there migrated to America in the 18th Century.

Notable Individuals[]

Caldwell Richey Clan[]

Family of James Richey (1724-1808) and wife Margaret Caldwell (1729-1802). He immigrated to Virginia from Ireland as a child with his parents and served in the 2nd Virginia Regt of the American Revolutionary War. Afterwards he moved his family to the Ninety-Six District of South Carolina and established his home near Chicasaw Creek in what is now Abbeville County. Afterwards, he signed his papers as James Richey, Sr. of Chicasaw.

1772 John Richey Clan[]

Family of John Richey (1727-1776) and wife Margaret. The migrated from Ireland in 1772 on the James and Mary ( departing from Larne, Ireland). One son, Robert Richey (1772-1835), is born at sea.

Notable Landmarks[]

Richey by County[]