Richard Olmstead II was born 21 February 1612 in Fairstead, Essex, England to Richard Olmstead (1579-1641) and Frances Slany (1587-1630) and died 20 April 1687 Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Marvin (1614-) .


First Founder of Hartford CT

Hartford Founder's Monument at Old Church Graveyard

He is listed as one of the first settlers on the Hartford Founders Monument. In 1633, the purtian preacher, Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) revolted against the authority of the English Church, and was forced to sail to America on the ship Griffin with many of his followers.

Finding that place to crowded they moved to the Connecticut River Valley, settling down north of the Dutch Territory in 1636. Here in 1638 they wrote the first constitution in America to create the new Colony of Connecticut (for which they retain their nickname as the Constitution State. Their central city is Hartford CT.

First Founder of Norwalk CT

Norwalk 1649 Founders Stone. East Norwalk Historical Cemetery.

One of the original Norwalk 1649 Settlers (along with his father and uncle) who were part of the great wave of New England Immigrants landing at Boston between 1630 and 1636. By 1636, finding the Boston area to crowded, a large group followed Rev Thomas Hooker into the Connecticut Valley. In 1638, many of these same names appears on the Hartford Founders Monument, Connecticut's first large settlement. But very quickly, many those wanted to expand outwards with some looking along the shoreline in the far western corner of the territory. Most of these first settlers engaged in agrarian activities.

Marriage and Family

  • Married Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Marvin
  • Died without issue, his will left entire estate to other relatives.




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