Richard Hutchinson was born in 1602 in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England. He married in 1627 and in 1634/1635 immigrated to New England with his family, where he is the patriarch of that branch of Hutchinson's in America.

Salem Settlement

They settled in Salem, Massachusetts near Whipple and Haythorn's Hill. Town records indicate that he may have originally settled in the old town area. In 1636 he received a grant of 60 acres from the town and on April 3, he got 20 acres more.

In 1636 he was appointed on a committee to survey what is now Manchester and Mackerel Cove. On 17 Apr 1637, if was voted "that in case Ric'd Huchenson should sett up plowing with 2 years he may have 20 acres more to bee added to his pportion." It seems that there was a scarcity of plows, there being only 37 in all the settlements.

In 1648, he bought the Elias Stileman 150 acres farm for 15 pounds. He amassed quite an agricultural estate.

A strict disciplinary in religious affairs, his family attended the First Church of Salem as early as 1636. He was admitted to the first church of Danvers in 1647. His will is dated January 16, 1679.

Marriage & Children

1st Marriage: Alice Bosworth

He married Decemebr 7, 1627 to Alice Bosworth (1605-1668), daughter of Joseph Bosworth of Holgrave. In 1635, Richard and Alice and their family immmigrated to New England. She died before 1668. She bore Richard 7 children.

  1. Alice Hutchinson (1628-1628)
  2. Elizabeth Hutchinson (1629-1688)
  3. Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715)
  4. Rebecca Hutchinson (1632-1687)
  5. Joseph Hutchinson (1633-1716) - born in England, immigrated to Salem MA on lots of property, was one of the accusers at the Salem witch trials.
  6. Abigail Hutchinson (1636-1678)
  7. Hannah Hutchinson (1639-1723) -
  8. John Hutchinson (1643-1676)

2nd Marriage: Susannah

In 2 October 1668, he married Susanna Archer (1606-1674), widow of Samuel Archard. She died 26 Nov 1674.

3rd Marriage: Sarah

He married 3rd to Sarah, widow of James Standish. She survived Richard and married again to Thomas Roots of Machester.


Offspring of Richard Hutchinson and Alice Bosworth (1605-1668)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alice Hutchinson (1628-1628)
Elizabeth Hutchinson (1629-1688) 20 August 1629 Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom 24 June 1688 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States Nathaniel Putnam (1619-1700)
Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715) 28 December 1630 North Muskham, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom 8 December 1715 Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States Thomas Hale III (1633-1688)
Rebecca Hutchinson (1632-1687)
Joseph Hutchinson (1633-1716) 26 September 1633 North Muskham, Nottinghamshire, England 26 June 1716 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Bethia Prince (1635-1678) Bethia Prince (1635-1678) Lydia Buxton (1647-)
Abigail Hutchinson (1636-1678) 25 December 1636 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts 1678 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts John Lambert (1630-1667) John Lambert (1630-1667) Anthony Ashby (1636-1708)
Hannah Hutchinson (1639-1723) 20 January 1639 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts 1723 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts Daniel Boreman (1634-1708)
John Hutchinson (1643-1676)


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