Tree Showing common ancestor of Harry Truman (1884), Barack Obama (1961) and Dick Cheney (1941). This shows the line of Dick Cheney only.

Elias Eaton Cheney (1793-1859)
Samuel Fletcher Cheney (1829-1911)
Lucy Fletcher (1803-)
Thomas Herbert Cheney (1869-1947)
Jeremiah Phillips
Ella A Phillips (1840-1909)
Louisa Langdon
Richard Herbert Cheney (1915-1999)
Robert Duvall Tyler (1773-1827)
Continue tree of ancestors of Robert Tyler (1773)
Willet Tyler (1808-1882)
Sarah Elizabeth Pritchard (c1775-)
James Alexander Tyler (1848-1909)
Rachel Montgomery (1810-)
Margaret Ellen Tyler (1877-1961)
Sarah Elizabeth Swift (1843-1904)
Richard Bruce Cheney (1941-)
David Dickey (1889-1955)
Marjorie Lorraine Dickey (1918-1993)
Clarice E Miller (1889-1951)
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