From: Davey, 1957:7

The Second Rev. Samuel Rutherford

In the early history of the Rutherfords there is said to have been a Rev. Samuel somewhere in every generations. This story is of the second one in our line. The relationship between the eminent Divine, The Rev. Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661), and the second Rev. Samuel among our ancestors has not been determined. it Seems the latter must have been a grandson, or possibly a nephew, as it is said no son survived the first Samuel Rutherford.

The seond Samuel was a Presbyterian Minister who preached a more liberal doctrine and one that displeased the Bishops of the Church. In 1689 he was banished from Scotland to Ireland. Two brothers went with him. Samuel Rutherford settled in Monoghan Co, one brother in Down Co, and the other in Tyrone Co. All these brothers married in Ireland.

The Rev. Samuel Rutherford and wife had three sons; Samuel Jr., Robert, and John Rutherford [NB:Not John Rutherford (?-?) father of Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738).] It seems probable that the Rutherfords who went with the Queen's Bush Emigration to Canada and came from Monaghan Co., Ireland, were descendants of either Samuel Jr., or Robert. Thus, they would be, as we are, members of the Rev. Samuel Rutherford line.

The story of John, the youngest son of the Rev. Samuel Rutherford, is told under "American Pioneers".

(A comment by E.R.D.- Hoping to learn the parentage of the two Rev. Samuel Rutherfords, and not doing so, I am left with these bits of tantalizing clews (sic): "They seem to have descended from the Rutherford's of Huntshill. 'Longer than 300 years in the Rutherford family' wrote Baron Robert. One son of Sir Robert, who married Jane Douglas was John, ancestor to Rutherford of Huntshill...." The author of the Book: "Rutherfords of that Ilk" was Sir Robert Duoglas, friend of the family....:)

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