Reuben Greentree was born 9 April 1840 in Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia to Reuben Greentree (1803-1881) and Ann Farlow (1807-1902) and died 18 December 1922 Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Isabella Jane Nicholls (1845-1935) 21 December 1869 in Saint John's, Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia.


Offspring of Reuben Greentree and Isabella Jane Nicholls (1845-1935)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Amy Adeline Greentree (1871-1951)
Leslie Hilton Greentree (1872-1956)
Frederick Lewis Greentree (1873-1962)
Harriett Emmeline Greentree (1875-1929)
Reuben Charles Nicholls Greentree (1877-1962)
Hilda Mary Greentree (1878-1963)
Mattie Isabel Greentree (1880-1963)
Emily Jane Greentree (1882-1966) 4 January 1882 Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia 31 October 1966 Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia Ernest Turnbull Daley (1876-1954)
Thomas Stanley Greentree (1883-1970)
Arthur Robert Greentree (1885-1973)
Alfred Henry Greentree (1887-1972)
Ella Ann Greentree (1889-1965)
Vinie Greentree (1892-1935)


The death of Mr. Reuben Greentree, which occurred at his home, Wilberforce, on Tuesday morning, snaps another link of the chain that binds the present generation to the good old days agone. The late Reuben Greentree was a son of Reuben Greentree. He was born at Wilberforce, and would have been 83 years of age in April next. He was one of the stalwart, big-hearted Hawkesbury natives, and came from healthy, hardy stock. He scarcely knew what it was to be ill, and was active and alert in body and mind till within a few weeks of his death. A man of more than the average intellectuality, he took an intelligent interest in all the big problems of life. A keen political student, he fought for the principles he believed in, and was never ashamed of his convictions or afraid to assert them. He frequently wrote letters to the press on matters of public interest, but he never used a nom de plume, and over his own name boldly advocated his opinions. In the civic life of the community in which he lived he fought for reforms and for progress, and was never afraid to espouse his convictions. His clean and upright life gained for him the respect of those among whom he lived, all his life, and if in the stress of political or civic affairs he came into conflict with others, they still respected' him for his' genuine worth and his honorable career. One of the pioneers of the Hawkesbury district, no man worked harder in his calling as a farmer than the late Reuben Greentree, and his toil and industry brought, him a competence in the evening of his life. The late Mr. Greentree was one of our most worthy Justices of the Peace, and his name was associated with all the charitable works of the district. Fifty-three years ago this week he married a daughter of the late Frederick Nicholls, of Freeman's Reach. The Nicholls family are also pioneers of the Hawkesbury, and no family is more highly respected. Her brothers are Mr. George Nicholls, Mr. Samuel Nicholls, Mr. Charles Nicholls, Mr. Frederick Nicholls, and Miss Nicholls, all well-known and highly respected residents of the Freeman's Reach district. One of their sisters, Mrs. Hopkins, died in Queensland a couple of years ago. The late Mr. Greentree's only surviving sister, Mrs. J. Gosper, lives in the Orange district. After their marriage 53 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Greentree went to live in their old home at Wilberforce, and never left it. They reared a family of 13 children, and the father's death is the first break in the family circle, The children are: Miss Amy Greentree (at home), Leslie (Wilberforce), Frederick (Zillnere, Queensland), Hattie (Mrs. T. Cobcroft, Windsor), Charles (Wilberforce), Hilda (Mrs. Sheaves, North Sydney), Mattie (Mrs. F. R. Daley, Wilberforce), (Emily Mrs. Ernie Daley, Wilberforce), Thomas (Freemans Reach) Arthur ("Bob." Wilberforce), Alfred (Wilberforce), Ella (Mrs. S. J. Wood, Freeman's Reach), Viney (Mrs. K. Maxwell, Wilberforce). Mr. Fred Greentree, of Queensland, paid a visit to his aged parents a couple of weeks ago but as he had to return home was not present when his father died. The late Reuben Greentree went to school at the historic school house at the rear of St. John's Church, Wilberforce, and was married in St. John's. The funeral took place at St. John's on Tuesday afternoon and was very largely attended. People came from long distances and many from Windsor and the surrounding district, to pay their last respects to one who was widely-known and beloved by all. The coffin, covered with beautiful wreaths, was carried into the church by three sons and a grandson of the deceased. The service in the church was conducted by Rev. G. P. Birk, rector, and before the remains were taken to their last resting place he delivered a touching address on the upright life and good deeds of the late Mr. Greentree, expressing the sympathy of the whole parish with those who mourned. During the service in the church the hymn, 'Peace, 'perfect peace,' was sung by the choir, and the 'Dead March' was played as the remains were borne from the sacred edifice. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Chandler. And so closes the earthly career of a grand old man, one who bore the brunt of battle in his early days, made good, and, passing away, leaves a fragrant memory of worthy deeds and successful effort.

Windsor And Richmond Gazette, 22 December 1922, page 13

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¶ Death
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  • GREENTREE.—December 18, 1922, at his residence, Wilberforce, Reuben, dearly loved husband of Isabella Greentree, In his 83rd year. Funeral 4 o'clock to-day.
The Daily Telegraph, 19 December 1922, page 6