Rebecca Hopper Peterson was born 1 June 1808 in Burke County, North Carolina, United States to Thomas Hopper (1766-1851) and Rebecca Jennie Gray (1768-1851) and died 23 April 1896 in Napa, Napa County, California, United States of unspecified causes. She married Richard Ziba Peterson (1805-1849) 11 August 1831 in Lafayette County, Missouri. Ancestors are from the United States.

Zion Settlement

Zion Pioneer Home

LDS Pioneer home in 1831 (1881 engraving, artist unknown)

Zion Settlement was a small, short-lived village of early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located near Independence, Missouri in Jackson County, Missouri. The church believes that this spot will be the central spot for building of the kingdom of God ("Zion" or "New Jerusalem") in the latter-days per revelation given to the prophet, Joseph Smith (1805-1844). The settlement collapsed in 1833 when angry anti-Mormon mobs drove the settlers out of the county.

Ziba Peterson, an early Mormon missionary to Jackson County, Missouri married Rebecca Hopper on August 11, 1831, with whom he would have eight children. The Hopper family had been among the converts baptized by Peterson and the other missionaries in Jackson County.[1]

Peterson was reordained an elder by Lyman Wight (1796-1858) on October 2, 1832, but when the church was driven out of Jackson County in 1833, Peterson stayed and left Mormonism.

California Gold Rush

He and his family left for California on May 3, 1848, arriving in Dry Diggins (Placerville), California in October 1848, where he was elected sheriff.[2] His hanging of three outlaws earned Dry Diggins the nickname "Hangtown." Peterson died in 1849.


Offspring of Richard "Ziba" Peterson and Rebecca Hopper (1808-1896)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Emily C Peterson (1832-1897)
Thomas Charles Peterson (1836-1919)
Cynthia Ann Peterson (1836-1924)
George Washington Peterson (1840-1909)
Tom Peterson (1842-)
Mary Peterson (1842-1918)
Ann Andilalos Peterson (1844-1918)
Anna Eloise Peterson (1848-1922)


Offspring of Thomas Hopper and Rebecca Jennie Gray (1768-1851)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Zachariah Taylor Hopper (1790-1816)
William Vaughn Hopper (1794-1824)
Lydia Ann Hopper (1795-1834) 11 October 1795 Burke County, North Carolina, United States 18 October 1834 Lafayette County, Missouri, United States Robert Conley (1795-1816)
John Killian (1796-1858)

Sarah Hopper (1796-1854)
Jerimiah James Hopper (1796-1879)
Mary Polly Hopper (1798-1846)
Charles Hopper (1800-1880)
Keziah Hopper (1806-1859)
Hannah Hopper (1808-1887)
Rebecca Hopper (1808-1896) 1 June 1808 Burke County, North Carolina, United States 23 April 1896 Napa, Napa County, California, United States Richard Ziba Peterson (1805-1849)

Elizabeth Hopper (1811-1895)
Thomas Hopper (1815-1897)


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