The origins of Raynold Jolly and the names of his parents and siblings are currently unknown.

It should be noted that the name 'Jolly' is often found with alternative spellings, such as 'Jolley' which is found on his daughter's marriage record. It should also be noted that the first name of 'Raynold' is also sometimes found as 'Reynold'.


Raynald married on the 16th January 1689 at Stratford St Mary in Suffolk to Mary Barker. Mary's origins are currently unknown.

The couple settled in Stratford St Mary and had three known children there.


Raynold's death is not recorded in the county of Suffolk, but at Dunstan, Stephney, Middlesex on 3/7/1703. This death needs to be confirmed by another source to establish that it is the correct one, or whether another Raynold Jolly existed in Middlesex at the time. A burial for a Raynold Jolly in Suffolk has not been located at this stage.


Name Birth Death
Children of Raynold and Mary Jolly

Raynold baptised 26/02/1690
  baptised Stratford St Mary, Suffolk

Jane baptised 1695
baptised Stratford St Mary, Suffolk
buried 18/06/1766
Mendlesham, Suffolk

Mary baptised 20/04/1692
  baptised Stratford St Mary, Suffolk


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