Raymond Frederick Winblad (1940-1984) Murdered (b. November 02, 1940; Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California - d. September 17, 1984; Sidewalk of 13300 Mapledale Avenue, Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California, USA) Social Security Number 563540117.



He was born on November 02, 1940, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.


On May 26, 1975 in Las Vegas, Las Vegas County, Nevada he married Marie Jessica Olivares (1928- ) aka Marie Jessica Olivares Ruiz. He did not have any children.


He was shot and found dead on the sidewalk of 13300 Mapledale Avenue, Norwalk, California.

Uncompleted tasksEdit

A police report exists, an autopsy report exists, and newspaper accounts exist. All have to be ordered, or sought from others.


Raymond Frederick Winblad (1940-1984)'s ancestors in three generations
Raymond Frederick Winblad (1940-1984) Father:
Norman Edward Winblad (1911-1980)
Paternal Grandfather:
Anton Julius Winblad II (1886-1975)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
John Edward Winblad I (1856-1914)
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Salmine Sophia Severine Pedersen (1862-1914)
Paternal Grandmother:
Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941)
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Mary Jane Puckett (1854-1927)
Eleanor Frieda Vogsberger (1911-1975)
Maternal Grandfather:
Charles Fredrick Vogsberger I (1880-1917)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Frederick Vogsberger (1861-aft1920)
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:
Mary Agnes Hepp (1886-1968)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
John Heeb
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Anna Volz
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