Ramborg Knutsdatter (c1353-?)

Ramborg Knutsdatter (c1353-?) may have been a descendant of the Royal family of Sweden.

Ancestry[edit | edit source]

Numerous genealogies state that Ramborg's parents were Knut Algotson (c1325-?) (allegedly son of noble lawyer Algot Brynjulfson) and Märta Ulfsdatter (1322-?) (daughter of Bridget of Sweden). It is also claimed by some that Ramborg was an illigitimate daughter of Knut Algotson with an unknown woman, not Märta. Both versions of her parentage are wanting for evidence.

While it seems that these contentions are far from proven, if Ramborg's father was Knut Alotgson, she could not be the granddaughter of Algot Brynjulfson, lawyer, as many genealogies state. Such a connection would require Algot Brynjulfson to have had a son at around 100 years of age. Also, many of the same genealogies put Knut's mother as a Kristina Tolvesdatter, who was not known to be a wife of Algot Brynjulfson. (Algot's wife was a Margaretha Petersdatter.) I think it is possible that two generations are missing on the paternal side. Perhaps Ramborg's father was a Knut Algotson, son of a different Algot Brynjulfson who married Kristina Tolvesdatter, who in turn was the son of a missing Brynjulf Algotson, son of Algot Brynjulfson, the famous lawyer. Further research is required to substantiate such a connection. Furthermore, a number of genealogies of Algot Brynjulfson state that his parents were Brynjulf Bengtson and Ingegard Svantepolksdatter. This connection is extremely unlikely, and perhaps originated as a misinterpretation of a story of Algot's son Folke who allegedly abducted Ingegard Svantespolksdatter. Ingegard is believed to be about the age of Algot's son, not a candidate for his mother. More likely, Algot Brynulfson was the son of Brynulf Stallare, which would link him to a line of prominent lawyers, as one would expect.

Alternative paragraph by "anonymous" contributor a few hours ago: Ramborg Knutsdatter was an illegitimate daughter of the Swedish knight [[Knut Algotson (c1325-?)allegedly son of (Bengt Hafridssons ætt) who fled from Sweden to Norway in the 1350'ies. She married the Norwegian nobleman Gard Toresson and she is mentioned only once in the Norwegian sources, in a statement proving that the true heirs of Knut's legitimate daughter Katarina was not Ramborg, but her three sons.

Siblings[edit | edit source]

If Ramborg was in fact the daughter of Knut Algotson, then her younger sister Ingrid Knutsdatter was married to Gaute Eriksson Galtung.

Spouse[edit | edit source]

Ramborg was allegedly married to Gard Toreson, who was born and died in Forsand, Norway. I have not seen an explanation of how or why Ramborg, who was allegedly born in Sweden, travelled to Norway as an unmarried woman and came to marry Gard.

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Allegedly, Ramborg and Gard had at least two sons, Tore Gardson and Gunnar Gardson, both born in Forsand, Norway. The details of their connection to Ramborg and to their claimed descendants are rather scant, and because of the time period, difficult to either prove or disprove.

Disputed Ancestor Chart[edit | edit source]

Click here for a list of her ancestors, as alleged by a number of genealogists, linking her to the Swedish Royal family. Please read the "Ancestry" section above before taking this list as fact.

References[edit | edit source]

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