Ralph de Hull/Huppedhull of Child Okeford was born 9999 in England to Robert de Acford (-bef1284) and died before 1317 England of unspecified causes.

"Ralph de Huppedhull's estate at Stokett c. 1284 was ¼ fee. By 1297 Ralph de Hull, possibly the same man, had apparently leased his lands there which became the subject of a legal dispute. The property seems to have descended like the manor of Child Okeford (Dors.), to the Latimer family. Robert de Hull held that manor in 1317. His daughter and heir Catherine married as her first husband Sir Andrew Turberville, who was in possession of Stokett by 1350. As her second husband Catherine married Sir Robert Latimer of Duntish (Dors.). When she died in 1361, shortly after her second husband, she was succeeded by her son William Turberville. By 1381, however, William had died without male issue, and Robert Latimer, his halfbrother, succeeding John Rocheford, had taken possession of the property." -

The Christchurch Priory cartulary by Katharine A. Hanna, Hampshire (England). County Council

". . . Gift in pure and perpetual alms, by Augerus capellnaus of Okeford (Acford) - for the salvation of his soul and those of his father and mother, ancestors and friends - to Christchurch Priory, of all land in Child Okeford which Ralph de Hull son of Robert de Acford gave him, or anyone to whom he wishes to assign it, for his homage and service. The priory will hold the land of Ralph and his heirs for 1 lb. pepper each Michaelmas, for all except royal service. Witnesses: John de Manneston. . . "


Offspring of Ralph de Hull/Huppedhull of Child Okeford and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert de Hull (-bef1350) 9999 England 1350 England



Footnotes (including sources)

¶ Death
  • In 1317 his son Robert had possession of Child Okeford.