Ralph Gorman was born 30 September 1575 in Benefield, Northamptonshire, England to James Gorham (1551-1577) and Agnes Barrington (1553-1603) and died 5 April 1642 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Margaret Stephenson (c1575-) 22 May 1610 in Benefield, Northamptonshire, England.


Ralph Gorham, Sr. traveled to early Plymouth Colony with his sons Ralph Jr. and John. Probably in 1637 after the death of his wife Margaret.

"Ralph lived and died at Marshfield Massachusetts and what's remarkable he was a joyner and made his coffin himself for several years before he died and used to keep apples in it as a chest until he died and used it."

He died in 1643 in England ?. Place of death is possible error. Unless he returned to England he most likely died in the US. IMMIGRANT - Emigrated from England before 1637.

Notes from John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol. 1: A Ralph Gorham was granted land in Plymouth October 2, 1637 for a house and garden. On March 5, 1637/8, he complained against Frances Sprague. A year later, "Ralph Gorham the older" was presented for breaking the peace. On September 1, 1640 he sued Tristam Clark and John Crab for debt [Gorham MS 1:3-4: N.B. Shurtleff, Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, Court Orders 1:66, 118; Judicial Acts 7:8]. He then disappeared from the Plymouth records.

Family and Marriage

He was married in England. Some material from the internet had marriage to Agnes Birnington with the date of 1572 but this is a very questionable date compared to other family dates (e.g., birth date is 3 years after marriage date & 47 years prior to birth of first child). Bonnie Hubbard has 1572 as marriage year of his father to Agnes which fits much better.

Looks like only John had any descendants.

  1. Ralph Gorham (1618-1643) - immigrated to America
  2. John Gorham (1621-1675) - immigrated to America, received large land grants in Duxbury MA and died while serving as officer of militia in King Philip's War
  3. Thomas Gorham (1626-) - died young, probably in England.


Offspring of Ralph Gorman and Margaret Stephenson (c1575-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ralph Gorham (1618-1643)
John Gorham (1621-1675) 28 January 1621 Benefield, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom 5 February 1676 Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States Desire Howland (1625-1683)
Thomas Gorham (1626-)


Gorham Ancestry

Mayflower Descendents Vol 5 July 1903 Recorded history of the American Gorhams began 992 AD France in the little farming villlage of Gorham, province of Maine, Brittany. Geoffrey of Gorham, progenitor- a feudal lord. Mane given by decree of Wm The Conqueror, " Geoffrey of Gorham, Lord of Tanniere"

Notable Descendants


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