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Rachel ..... (c1749-1810), surname possibly Minturn

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Information left by a previous genealogist[1] indicates that Rachel's surname was "Minturn". It's not clear how reliable this information is.

Rachel is buried next to Levi on his right side. An early reading of her headstone reads:

In memory of
Rachel, consort of Levi Baldwin,
who died 
17 March 1810
aged 61 years.[2]

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An index entry in the Bridport Town records[3] shows Rachel's date of death as March 17, 1820 differing by 10 years from the McLellen reference.[2] This entry is part of a set of entries for which there are no actual death records and appear to have been taken from the headstones at Pinehill Cemetery.

The 1810 date appears to be the correct date, as the 1810 census entry for Levi Baldwin does not show a Female of an appropriate age to be Levi's spouse. Also, with an age of 61 at death, 1810 gives a much more believable birthdate (when compared with children's birthdates).

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