• Locality refers to a settlement that is independent of a larger locality. A locality might be a village, hamlet, town, city or major metropolitan area. In the case of communities, neighborhoods, wards, suburbs and other places that are part of a larger locality, these sublocalities should be encoded using the places-other property.
For more details on this topic, see Project:Classification conventions (geographic names).
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Garden of Eden, Eden, Mesopotamia  +
Hornellsville, New York  +
Clifton Hampden  +
Biltmore, North Carolina  +
Galway, New York  +
Pickens, Alabama  +
Leadville, New South Wales  +
Middlesex, New York  +
New Windsor, New York  +
Sturbridge, Massachusetts  +
Greene, Maine  +
Woodstock, Vermont  +
North Andover, Massachusetts  +
Charlton Makrell  +
Middlesex, New York  +
Leominster, Massachusetts  +
Greene, Maine  +
Springfield, New Hampshire  +
Springfield, New Hampshire  +
Kyeamba, New South Wales  +
New Holland, Pennsylvania  +
Claridon, Geauga County, Ohio  +
Claridon, Geauga County, Ohio  +
Alabama City, Alabama  +
Stockholm, New York  +
Hailsham, Sussex  +
Manning River, New South Wales  +
Balmain North, New South Wales  +
Monaro, New South Wales  +
Monroeton, Pennsylvania  +
Greenwich, Massachusetts  +
Bellinger River, New South Wales  +
Spring Valley, Nevada  +
Silver Reef, Utah  +
Manning River, New South Wales  +
Maquoketa, Iowa  +
Bombay, New Zealand  +