Honorific titles awarded to a person (Duke of York; Earl of Nottingham, etc.). Free text notes separated by semicolon '+' characters.

Note: this is not for indicating the proper way the person desires to be addressed: eg, Sir, Mr. Dr. Madame, Miss, Ms. It is not the same as foaf title:

  • Property: foaf:title
  • title - Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr. etc)
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Lady of Budfalva, Lady of Bothfalva, Baroness de Dolha and Petrova (Dolhay and Petrovay)  +
[[Prince of Belz]]<br>[[Princes of Volhynia]]  +
Abbot of Saint-Quentin  +
[[Prince of Starodub (Vladimir)]]  +
Prince of Nalšia, Prince of Polotsk  +
[[Prince of Volkovysk]]  +
[[Prince of Starodub-Vladimir]]  +
[[Prince of Starodub (Vladimir)]]  +
Lord of Warkworth, Clavering and Eure  +
[[Prince of Pronsk]]  +, [[Grand Prince of Ryazan]]  +
Countess of Gloucester  +
Abbot of St. Riquier  +