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  • Nation-subdiv1 corresponds to the first level political subdivision of a sovereign nation's government.It includes, but is not limited to, the notion of a state in the sense of "federal states". For example, the Comunidad Autónoma of Spain are not formally considered federal states, but are the first level political division of Spain. On Familypedia Forms in other languages, the "subdivision1" property corresponds to the term "state" in property "Birth state", but will be translated on the forms using a term that is typical for the language spoken. EG, in French, this property will appear as "département"; in Russian, "Oblast".
    Examples of subdivision1s: Province, Region, Oblast (Slavic countries), muhafazah ("Governates" of Arab countries), Département (French-speaking countries), Canton, constituent "country" of the United Kingdom (e.g., England and Scotland), Ostan (Iran), Emirate (UAE), Negeri (Malaysia), and (somewhat confusingly) "county" in Liberia. For more examples, see the Table_of_administrative_divisions_by_country on Wikipedia (also includes entities that are not first level subdivisions).
For more details on this topic, see Project:Classification conventions (geographic names).

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