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(Compare [ Arnold III. von Uissigheim]. Stein is near the River Maas:  +
Captain of the Tainui Waka (canoe) which sailed from the Polynesian Islands.Navigating by Matariki constellation. The canoe looked more like a twin haul sailing vessel.  +
Te Ngohi aka Kawhia had two wives. His first wife Pareheke was killed at Paterangi he remarried his second wife Kahutuangau and they had a daughter named Te Whakahae alias Ripeka. Te Akanui's parents were Hore and Hinekai.  +
Voorouders van Cornelis AANGEENBRUG Als PDF-lijst downloaden Tot de overgrootouders. Generatie 1 1 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG 1802-1861 Generatie 2 2 - Johannes AANGEENBRUG 1773- 3 - Trijntje Johannesdr de GRAAFF ca 1777- Generatie 3 4 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG 1740-1818 5 - Tanneke van der BOON ca 1744-1822 6 - Johannes de GRAAF /1760- 7 - ?? ?? Generatie 4 8 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG ca 1723- 9 - Beatrus van KRIMPEN /1723- 10 - Kornelis van der Boon /1727- 11 - Johanna van der Mark /1727-  +
Never married.  +
Ancestor No 59 of [[Barack Obama (1961)]]  +
she is also named as "Margaret Abell" and given other years of birth!  +
[ Somssich de Saárd family] <new note>[ Araceli Adam Salvatieri] at [[thePeerage]] <new note>[ Araceli Adam-Salvatierri] at Genealogics  +
note that some researchers have confused him with [[Albert Adams (1901-1994)]], giving his wife to the latter  +
the researchers cited call him "Joseph James William Adams", but this is not supported by the documents cited  +
she has also been called "Martha" (in confusion with her sister?)  +  +
Goes by stage name Adi Agashé  +
Bilal Ahmad (born July 25, 1997, in Lahore, PK) is a Digital Marketing Manager, Consultant and Strategist. Bilal Ahmad is known for SEO, SEM, Keywords analysis and latest digital marketing techniques.  +
Fahim Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, an entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Fahim is an influencer, artist, entrepreneur, blogger, to name a few. Aged 19, he was born and brought up in Cumilla. Since childhood, he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. His first soundtrack is "60's Love" "Slow Side" "Error" "Whatever" etc. his own voice cover song. After few days he releases more tracks on various popular music stages As like Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, KKBox, Tidal, Pandora, JioSaavn, Tencent(beta). Recently Fahim publishes his first book on Google Play Books, named "The Legends" Fahim Ahmed Proved his hard work by all digital platforms.  +
In the description, reference is made to the United Kingdom and the United States, neither of which existed at that time.  +
Her surname was deduced by working with the fact that in 1901 she was in the same household as a niece, [[Beatrice Mary Caink (1881-1909)]], easy to track down because of rare surname. Beatrice;s mother was also said to have been born at Wolverhampton.  +
Her brother was "Samuel Clesson Allen (U.S. Representative from MA 1817-1829)".  +
Geer shows no parents for Mary, who was born in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT.  +
Source shows no parents for Hannah.  +