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(Compare [ Arnold III. von Uissigheim]. Stein is near the River Maas:  +
Captain of the Tainui Waka (canoe) which sailed from the Polynesian Islands.Navigating by Matariki constellation. The canoe looked more like a twin haul sailing vessel.  +
Te Ngohi aka Kawhia had two wives. His first wife Pareheke was killed at Paterangi he remarried his second wife Kahutuangau and they had a daughter named Te Whakahae alias Ripeka. Te Akanui's parents were Hore and Hinekai.  +
Voorouders van Cornelis AANGEENBRUG Als PDF-lijst downloaden Tot de overgrootouders. Generatie 1 1 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG 1802-1861 Generatie 2 2 - Johannes AANGEENBRUG 1773- 3 - Trijntje Johannesdr de GRAAFF ca 1777- Generatie 3 4 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG 1740-1818 5 - Tanneke van der BOON ca 1744-1822 6 - Johannes de GRAAF /1760- 7 - ?? ?? Generatie 4 8 - Cornelis AANGEENBRUG ca 1723- 9 - Beatrus van KRIMPEN /1723- 10 - Kornelis van der Boon /1727- 11 - Johanna van der Mark /1727-  +
Never married.  +
Ancestor No 59 of [[Barack Obama (1961)]]  +
she is also named as "Margaret Abell" and given other years of birth!  +
[ Somssich de Saárd family] <new note>[ Araceli Adam Salvatieri] at [[thePeerage]] <new note>[ Araceli Adam-Salvatierri] at Genealogics  +
note that some researchers have confused him with [[Albert Adams (1901-1994)]], giving his wife to the latter  +
the researchers cited call him "Joseph James William Adams", but this is not supported by the documents cited  +
she has also been called "Martha" (in confusion with her sister?)  +  +
Goes by stage name Adi Agashé  +
Bilal Ahmad (born July 25, 1997, in Lahore, PK) is a Digital Marketing Manager, Consultant and Strategist. Bilal Ahmad is known for SEO, SEM, Keywords analysis and latest digital marketing techniques.  +
In the description, reference is made to the United Kingdom and the United States, neither of which existed at that time.  +
Her surname was deduced by working with the fact that in 1901 she was in the same household as a niece, [[Beatrice Mary Caink (1881-1909)]], easy to track down because of rare surname. Beatrice;s mother was also said to have been born at Wolverhampton.  +
Her brother was "Samuel Clesson Allen (U.S. Representative from MA 1817-1829)".  +
Geer shows no parents for Mary, who was born in Suffield, Hartford Co., CT.  +
Source shows no parents for Hannah.  +
some researchers have confused him with one of his namesakes, marrying him to [[Mary Ann Temple (1887-1922)]]  +
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