Purpose: This is a derivative property that caches formatted place information so that other pages do not have to reconstruct it from constituent properties.

SMW characteristics:

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[[Romania|Romania]]  +
Suita, [[Osaka|Osaka]], [[Japan|Japan]]  +
[[Halych|Halych]], [[Halych Rayon|Halych Rayon]], [[Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast|Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast]], [[Ukraine|Ukraine]]  +
[[Torzhok|Torzhok]], [[Torzhok Rayon|Torzhok Rayon]], [[Tver Oblast|Tver Oblast]], [[Russia|Russia]]  +
[[Lutjebroek|Lutjebroek]]  +
[[Grootebroek|Grootebroek]], [[North Holland|North Holland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]  +
[[Kiev|Kiev]], [[Ukraine|Ukraine]]  +
[[Mesopotamia|Mesopotamia]]  +
[[Mesopotamia|Mesopotamia]]  +
[[Suzdal|Suzdal]], [[Suzdal Rayon, Vladimir Oblast|Suzdal Rayon]], [[Vladimir Oblast|Vladimir Oblast]], [[Russia|Russia]]  +
[[Lithuania|Lithuania]]  +
[[Lithuania|Lithuania]]  +
[[Wervershoof|Wervershoof]]  +
[[Land of Canaan|Land of Canaan]]  +
[[Byzantium|Byzantium]], [[Byzantine Empire|Byzantine Empire]]  +
[[Spanbroek|Spanbroek]], [[North Holland|North Holland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]  +
[[Lutjebroek|Lutjebroek]]  +
[[Sarai|Sarai]], [[Kharabali Rayon|Kharabali Rayon]], [[Astrakhan Oblast|Astrakhan Oblast]], [[Russia|Russia]]  +
[[Wervershoof|Wervershoof]], [[North Holland|North Holland]], [[Netherlands|Netherlands]]  +