Purpose: This is a cached property for a person that is derived from formatted time and place information for Birth and death. It is saved so that pages can reference high volumes of such concise overviews without going through computation of reassembling each from constituent properties. The cost is that some formatting such as date may not be to the person's preferences.

SMW characteristics:

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<span ><strong class="error">Error: Invalid time.</strong></span>  +
<span >[[1980]]</span>  +
<span >[[February 25|25 February]] [[2015]]</span>  +
<span >[[1912]]</span>  +
<span >[[604]]</span>  +
<span >[[December 16|16 December]] [[714]]</span>  +
<span >[[1433]]</span>  +
<span >[[1396]]</span>  +
<span >[[August 12|12 August]] [[1399]]</span>  +
<span >[[1409]]</span>  +
<span >[[1185]]</span>  +
<span >[[814]]</span>  +
<span >[[1753]]</span>  +
<span >[[1718]]</span>  +