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''Children also from his second and third wives''  +
Beulah was born in Kansas, the others in Nebraska.  +
Note that the cited sources replace [[Emily Rose Adams (1874-1939)]], who is well-attested in the newspapers, by [[Emily Eliza Adams (c1874-1966)]], who married [[John Frederik Wennerbom (1864-1907)]] and [[Lemuel Ambrose W Nicholas (c1880-1944)]].  +
there is another son, "Alby Adams", but his name and dates are elusive  +
See Note : *64 & 65 -- Berthold de Baschi and Marguerite Adhemar have other descendants: **Berthold de Baschi m. Marguerite Adhemar ***Francoise de Baschi m. Ogier d;Agoult with line of descent to "Chantal de Chevron-Villette m. FERDINAND D di CASTRO (1926-2008)"  +
All the children were born in Washington State, some or maybe all in Seattle. Anne was born in July 1923 and died of Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in November 1924 at Seattle and was buried there, and her father died there the next year, which would be two good reasons why her mother, Ruth, was buried there despite at least two subsequent interstate moves (Texas by 1930 and California by 1940).  +
Wikipedia says "six children"  +
there may be more children whose names have been suppressed in the sources  +
Mercy born 16 July - no other detail.  +
Sources show no other children except a Mary, for whom no dates or places are shown.  +
Geer shows no others.  +
Charles (who married twice and died in Middlesex) and Mary Louisa are known to have had many descendants. Information about the others would be welcome.  +
Sarah's birth is 1694 on Geni but 1699 on Holcombe. The first Rachel, not listed on Geni, is presumed to have died before the naming of sister Rachel.  +
Geer shows no marriage or children or birth dates for the first three.  +
Geni shows only two children. George has a one-person line of descendants to [[James Woodhouse (1860-1943)]]; but [ Ancestry] gives George 7 chn and death in Nelson, NZ. Emma born Nov 1812, died 16 Oct 1834 in Grasmere; no spouse or chn on Ancestry. [ Ancestry] gives Edward four chn and death in Takaka. [ Mark] has one recorded child and 7 grandchildren. Ancestry has nothing more on Isaac.  +
Possibly other children, but Ancestry showed only the two. [ Find A Grave] suggests John ''1793''-1852 and his wife Ann 1787-1876 - all on same gravestone?. Also suggested grandson [[John Allinson (1826-1848)]] born and died at Ambleside, bur at St Oswald; no hint of spouse or children.  +
Ancestry had no indication of spouses or children for any child except John.  +
The daughter became Mrs Donovan.  +
Mary Martha Branch (c1660) might be Sarah and Christopher's daughter.  +
David married [[Eleanor (Nellie) Swan (1869-1893)]], granddaughter of bridge-builder Robert Swan. Angeline was not mentioned on Archibald's FAG page or on Cynthia's but was described as "sister" (Angeline B Johnson) in David's household at a (1920?) census.  +
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