• joined_with-g1: "Spouse", wife, husband, mate, consort, courtesan, concubine, partner, or other individual who parented the child along with the main subject.
  • children-g1: list of children for the subject and the joined_with co-parent for group1.
  • g1, g2... numbering- Numbers have no significance. A "joined_with" individual might chronologically appear later than another and yet have a smaller number. The numbers imply nothing about chronological order or importance of a coparent or children of a particular family group. The numbers are determined merely by the order of listing in the individual's "partner" field, and that order will be the default order for displaying tables of children and siblings.

  • Background: Children in a family may have one or both biological parents different from other siblings in the family. Each of these family subgroups is for want of a better term called a "group". So, the Spouse or partner for group 1 would be joined_with-g1. Children of joined_with-g1 would be in group named children-g1. An adopted or foster child in the family would be in a separate group, for instance "children-g2", but the corresponding joined_with-g2 might be identical to joined_with-g1 if that person performed the bulk of their parenting. A separate property indicates their biological parent if known. See discussion of adoption at Property talk:Joined_with.

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