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For indicating sources of information.
  • Sources primary: information that was created at the time under study, usually by a source with direct personal knowledge of the events being described. Examples: Census data, Marriage/Death/Baptism/Military discharge certificates.
  • Sources secondary: A document that relates or discusses information originally presented elsewhere. Examples: A contemporary non-eyewitness account of an event, autobiography, or history book on the period.
  • Sources: Sources not fitting into the first two categories should be saved in the sources field. These may be based on or derivative of secondary or other tertiary sources. Examples: Wikipedia, Gedcom files.

How used: The values for this property may be set using Form:Person. Contributors may place any information typical of source footnotes within the field, at any length up to the field maximum (initially 1,000 characters). Articles using {{showfacts person}} will have the contents of this property included as a end notes in a "Source documents and notes" section.

Wikitext is allowed in this property, but html should be avoided. Note that templates such as {{citation}} and {{Cite web}} which "generate COinS" cannot be used. Note that line breaks in the property value may make property list in the SMW facts box more readable but will be ignored when displayed in the article.

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ABBOTT.—September 10, at her residence, Tenterden, St. Leonards, the wife of J. P. Abbott, of a daughter. ::[ ''The Sydney Morning Herald'', 22 September 1885, page 1]  +
Census records for the years 1850, 1860, 1880, 1885, and 1900. +Crown Hill Cemetery Burial Records as listed in official cemetery records  +
NZ Birth Registration 1921/3689 (Thank you, Ross)  +
Scotland's People  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 10172/1882  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 2346/1890  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 6545/1865  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 35911/1893  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 29627/1903  +  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 24519/1901  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 8839/1880  +
BDM Index ref for birth: 18599/1872 ("ADAMS UNNAMED")  +
"Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915," index, ''FamilySearch'' ( : accessed 24 Sep 2013), Melvin O. Adams, 07 Nov 1847. <new note>"Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915," index and images, ''FamilySearch'' ( : accessed 24 Sep 2013), Melvin C. Adams, 1847.  +